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Based in Port Townsend, WA, Spindrift Ocean Rowing crafts custom, state-of-the-art ocean rowing vessels designed by America’s Cup structural engineers. We use the latest techniques and materials in carbon composites to ensure that each of our vessels is of the highest quality. Your Spindrift boat will be built to your specifications to support your expedition and exploration, wherever they might take you.

As many ocean rowers know, the highs and the lows on the ocean are the most extreme many of us will ever experience. The...

Posted by SpinDrift Rowing on Saturday, July 22, 2017

The SpinDrift Difference

Customer Quotes

As the Race Organiser of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, we place safety on the top of our priority list. To do this we put in place many rules and regulations to keep both crew and associated safety staff in the safest regard possible. This is no small task and without conscientious, highly qualified and top grade boat builders it would be impossible. Spindrift Rowing provided their first boat into our 2015 race, and it was clear for all to see the process and the detail that has gone into the build, the fit out and also the extra training of the team. We found all equipment to be at or beyond standards, the build of high quality and the finish to be exact. We will be looking forward to having more Spindrift boats in our fleet over coming years!

- Carsten Heron Olsen, CEO Atlantic Campaigns

When we got to the Canary Islands 2 weeks before starting the Atlantic Crossing, myself and Caitlin believed we had the best boat of the fleet. We didn't get the opportunity to row it much before getting to the Canaries, but while logging hours in La Gomera we realized we had a tremendous boat. We got used to the foot steering really quickly and it was not difficult to do during the race. We had all the other competitors come up to the boat sort of in awe because of the different design. While on the Atlantic the boat handled the waves wonderfully. We felt stable even though we dealt with high waves at time. Before the race we mentally prepared ourselves to capsize, we figured it would probably happen and just thought it would. Well our spindrift boat did not, not even when we had to hunker down in the cabin for three days as we were south of Hurricane Alex. Not once did I feel like we were going to capsize as I was surprised. Sitting in the cabin during the three days with the sea anchor out I thought this is the moment. Nope. Spindrift's boat was absolutely solid. We got battered around,yeah, but she perform beyond tremendous. Throughout the crossing we never had to wonder or worry about the boat structurally, our power, our oars, or really anything. This made our crossing so much simpler. In the sense we only had to worry about our course and rowing. When we landed in Antigua we heard about other crews and their auto helm issues, there power issues and other problems. When we set foot on land everyone was telling us that we look great and didn't seem tired or beat up. They are right at that is because our boat was the best home with this sort of journey. It was bittersweet to arrive because the boat was a wonderful place to live and enhanced the experience as a whole. I want to row the Atlantic again, and whomever I row it with I will definitely want to look at Spindrift first because they are top shelf.

- George Pagano Jr., Team Cranial Quest

Spindrift built us an incredible ocean rowing boat. The amount of detail that went into the build was beyond what was expected. Our boat was our home for 58 days at sea and I never once felt unsafe. Out of the 26 teams in the race our boat was the only one with no mechanical or electrical issues. I firmly believe we had such a successful crossing because Spindrift took such pride in their building and didn't take any shortcuts. The Spindrift team was a joy to work with and kept us updated on the progress of the boat every step of the way. I believe Spindrift boats are the safest on the market and I am excited to watch their company grow!

- Caitlin Miller, Team Cranial Quest

About Us

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Sonya Baumstein

Co-Owner SpinDrift Ocean Rowing

Sonya manages Spindrift on a day-to-day basis. She has rowed for 20 years and started sailing small boats at a very young age. An avid adventurer, she has rowed the Atlantic and made the first attempt at the North Pacific. Her love of expeditions and the ocean led her to open Spindrift Ocean Rowing with co-owner Andrew Cull. She chose Port Townsend as Spindrift’s home because it has the benefits of a port town with an extensive history and a local community that’s interested in small craft expeditions.

Sonya has a masters in nonprofit management and worked in the development field for five years prior to opening Spindrift. She has two years of laminating experience and is constantly expanding her knowledge of composites.

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Andrew Cull

Co-Owner SpinDrift Ocean Rowing

A graduate of Western Washington University, Andrew has 25 years of experience in open ocean sailing and mountaineering from numerous expeditions around the world. He is an emergency medicine expert and a three-time INC 500 CEO, as well as a successful founder/co-founder of multiple companies and nonprofits, including Remote Medical International and the Agema Corporation. Andrew also serves as an advisor to dozens of global expeditions, both on water and land.

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Christina Cogan

Business Manager

Christina serves as Spindrift’s bookkeeper, and she also coordinates communication with existing clients. A native of Central Florida, she has a BS in biology from UCF and has worked as a business manager and bookkeeper at several businesses. She owns a traditional wooden boat and currently splits her time between Spindrift and the Wooden Boat School’s development department.

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Alex Lockwood

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Alex was raised in Port Townsend, and he has been with Spindrift since the beginning—he even built the prototype model for Sonya’s Expedition Pacific. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in plastics engineering technology, and his education focused on the mechanics of composite materials. Alex has six years of experience with the mechanics of composites, two of which are in the boating industry.

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Korey Ruben

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Korey hails from Central Florida and has been sailing for the last seven years. He graduated from The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding and worked with both traditional and composite boats of all sizes prior to joining the Spindrift team. Korey has a personal long-term goal of building himself a boat and currently owns a traditional wooden boat, Virginia, which he restored himself.

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Henry Nolan

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A Port Townsend native and the son of a naval architect, Henry has been surrounded by boats his entire life. He graduated from Whitman College, where he gained woodworking experience at a scenic carpentry shop. He has been working with boats for the past seven years and has experience in lamination, painting, and drawing in design.

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